Outside of the traditional “walls” of the classroom and as a proud Cabo Verdean Kriola, Terza is committed to educating the Carolinas about her homeland’s history and culture. She is the founding president of the Cape Verdeans of the Carolinas.

Founded in 2014, the Cape Verdeans of the Carolinas Association (CVC) is committed to preserving and promoting the culture of the Republic of Cabo Verde in North and South Carolina. The Association serves as a vehicle of engagement and support among the Cabo Verdean population in these two states. Additionally, it aims to enlighten all interested people in learning more about this small West African island nation, by utilizing appropriate tools that shed positive attention on and awareness of Cabo Verde’s vibrant cultural traditions. CVC also seeks to foster an active and substantive charitable connection to Cabo Verde as advocates of children and education. The Cape Verdeans of the Carolinas Association hopes to contribute to the increasing multiculturalism of the Carolinas and works within a network of Cabo Verdean community organizations in metropolitan cities such as Atlanta, Washington DC, Boston, Los Angeles, and New York City.

Since the founding of the Association, CVC has built a group where Cabo Verdeans, their friends and those who want to learn about their beautiful homeland's history and culture can come together to build community. It has organized various educational and cultural programs including Cabo Verdean film screenings with our partners, the Harvey B. Gantt Center for African American Arts and Culture and Johnson C. Smith University as well as fundraising events to benefit those affected by the most recent volcano eruption in the Cabo Verdean island of Fogo. The Association has also partnered with Our Children Our Future Organization to sponsor children in Cabo Verde, ensuring they have school supplies, uniforms and other related needs.

The annual Holiday Bash and Independence Day picnic have been very successful, attracting new Cabo Verdean and non-Cabo Verdean members. With the community’s support the CVC hopes to bring additional expressions of Cabo Verdean culture such as traditional music and dance performers as well as visual artist exhibits to the Carolinas and show off the amazing talent of the Cabo Verdean people. For more information, contact the CVC via email at capeverdeansofthecarolinas@gmail.com.